Founded in October 2015, GTech NDT is a prominent provider of many solutions in the Australasian Non-Destructive Testing market.
Our unique, safe and concrete habits can immediately adapt to the requirements of our clients business, and this can have a game-changing impact.

Throughout our existence, we have successfully supported many projects including but not limited to:

    •    Wheatstone LNG
    •    Gorgon Gas Project
    •    Ichthys LNG Project


GTech NDT assisted Chevron in the Qualification and Compliance of Computerised Radiography.

We currently support, service and calibrate all the Magnetic Particle Bench Units on every RAAF facility Australia-wide, and we are an approved Department of Defence Vendor.

Why Choose GTech?

The ever-changing market forces us to continually evaluate whether or not our actions are lining up with our priorities and those of our clients. The future is shaped one day at a time, and it's never as far away as we think. 

Our Mission

To deliver quality solutions to the industry safely, on time and transparently to create assurance and trust.

Our Vision

GTech NDT is the ultimate destination for safe and quality industry solutions ensuring that our client's interests become our reason to operate.

Yesterday's knowledge coupled with today's ndt technology innovation means that with us the standard for tomorrow is achieved.

Our Promise

It’s the duty of every individual to conduct him/herself under the following promises:
Conduct oneself to the highest level of standards.

Work in a manner that does not contradict Our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Have a professional relationship with our peers and customers at all times and not act in ways inappropriate either by word or deed.

Uphold at all times the dignity and reputation of the profession and that of the company and any company that we represent in our region.

To not engage in work where the company's expertise or technical qualifications are inadequate to offer a competent service.