Anyscan 20 

The most popular & handy detector that Doppler dedicate to NDT!

Anyscan 20 is a Handheld Digital Flaw Detector. Anyscan 20 offers you a ease of use, quick access features, and also adhering to the concept of excellent products, industry-leading, and great performance. This modle is suitable for difficult field conditions or harsh environment operations

Main Features


Peak Holding                                

Peak echo recording.                     


Envelope Function

Track changes recording of Peak echo.

Auto Gain                                       

Automatic Gain control, flaw amplitude to a set echo desired value.          

Weld Illustration

Direct display of weld illustrations, positions can be easily viewed.

DAC Functions
Up to 10 Points to draw DAC curves, auto-generate Evaluation Line, Sizing Line, and Rejection Line.

Intelligent Instrument Calibration

Fast calibration of Material Velocity, Probe Delay, and Probe Angle.

Gate Zoom

Zoom in/out waveform & gate zones to full screen, to view detailed data.

Hot Keys

Direct access buttons to most commonly used controls for fast operations.

Video Filtering

To reduce noise interference, to avoid misjudgments by high amplitude spike echo


Display Size

Pixel Resolution

Linearity Error of Horizon

Linearity Error of Vertical

Surplus Sensitivity

Dynamic Range

Far Field Resolution

Operating Method

Working Frequency

Menu Language

5.0” High Brightness TFT

800 x 480 pixels






Single or Dual Elements

1 ~ 18MHz (Frequency Optional)

English / Chinese


Transducer Connectors

USB Interface


LEMO 00 Connectors

USB Connector


Transmit Pulse

Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)


Sampling Frequency

Velocity Range

Scan Delay

Probe Delay

400V Negative Spike Wave
40 / 250 / 1000Hz (Optional)
Low, High
400MHz Hardware Real-time Sampling
1000 ~ 15000m/s, adjustable
-10 ~ 2000mm, adjustable
0.00 ~ 199.9μs


Detection Range



0.5 ~ 5000mm at steel longitudinal wave

0 ~ 110dB, in 0 / 0.1 / 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 / 6.0dB steps

Positive, Negative, Full Wave, RF



Independent Gates



Two Gates (A & B)

Hardware, Voice & Lights alarms, DAC, Positive, and Negative modes

Flank & Peak




Save up to 500 groups of data

Test Results, Daily-use Parameters

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