DOPPLER Anyscan-30 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector 

Anyscan-30 is the choicest models that DOPPLER devotes to NDT industry, not only easy operating, concise & practical appearance, but also adhering to the idea of outstanding products, industry-leading, great performance.And more advanced technical indexes than other similar products, with abundant & practical additional functions, brings more convenient & efficiency to users.


Anyscan-30 digital ultrasonic detector test equipment is used for electronic power, petrochemical, boilers and pressure vessel, pressure pipe, steel structure, military, aviation, railway transportation, car, machinery, etc. It is the necessary instruments in nondestructive testing industry. 

  • 10 points of DAC curve function, auto-generated evaluation line, sizing line, rejection line.

  • Peak record function, curve surface amend function,AVG function.

  • envelope function:record the profile of the echo peak track.

  • Auto gain function:auto set the amplitude of selected echo to the desired value.

  • Illustrated function for the weld inspect.

  • Intellectual procedure for instrument calibration.

  • Easy access to channel setting and data saving:Easy to save and recall 30 groups of detection parameters and 470 groups of data result.

  • zoom function, zoom in/out the wave of display zone, fully use of the screen.

  • transmit wave of A30 is 400v spike wave, the frontier descending time is about 5ns.

Performance of portable digital flaw detector:
linearity error of time-base: <=0.1%
linearity error of vertical: <=3%
surplus sensitivity: >=62dB
Dynamic range: >=40dB
Far field resolution: >=32dB
Operating method: single element, double element
Transmitter pulse: A30:negative spike wave
working frequency range: 0.5--22MHZ, frequency optional, excellent matching with probes
Pulse repetition Frequency(PRF): 40/250/1000HZ
sampling frequency: 400MHZ hardware real-time sampling.
detection range: 0.5-15000mm adjustable continuously, switchable steps
sound velocity range: 1000-15000m/s  adjustable continuously, switchable steps
Probe delay: 0.00-199.9
Damping: 50/100/200/500 ohm
Menu language: english/simple Chinese
Gain adjust: 0-110dB,0/0.1/0.5/1.0/2.0/6.0dB step adjustment.
rectification: positve, negative, full wave, RF
LCD display: 5.7 inch high brightness TFT LCD,640*480 pixels
Measurement model: Flank or peak
Parameter storage: Store common-use detection parameters and test result data
Alarm: hardware alarm, sound and light two methods, alarm models including positive mode, negative mode and DAC mode.
Communication interface: A/B USB
Operating temperature rage: -10 celsius to +50 celsius
Battery specification: Lithium battery, continuance supply power for more than 6 hours
Power supply: A/C 100-240V,DC 15-4A
Complete appliance weight: 1.4KG(including battery)
Protection level: IP54