Bracelet Scanners

CRS-1/ CRS-2 Bracelet Scanner

Doppler CRS-1/CRS-2 type Bracelet Scanner is suitable for pipe butt welds inspection with diameter between 0.8”(20mm) to 4.5”(114.3mm) Pipes by axial direction.


Single, and Dual Chains are available for different inspection needs.

Key feature of Advanced NDT ultrasioic phased array  scanner for butt welds inspection


1: Suit pipe from 0.5 in to 4.5in OD


2:  Provides stable and constant pressure around the full circumference of the pipe.


3: Encoder resolution of 38 steps/mm


4: Access to restrict area for inspection, Adjacent obstructions such as piping, supports, and structures can be as close as 12 mm (0.5 in.).  


5. Can be manipulated from one side of a pipe and Can be linked with another scanner for dual sided inspection

CRS-3 Bracelet Scanner

Can perform rapid detection on small diameter pipe weld both sides

Easy to assemble and use

Suitable for pipe butt welds inspection with diameter between 46mm to 78mm

Other specifications can be customized

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