The HPX-PRO...

PROductive Digital, PROformance Imaging, PROfessional results

HPX-PRO is a compact, portable, CR system designed for use in mobile applications. 

It is a  lightweight system complete with software designed to maximize throughput in high production inspection environments. 


The HPX-PRO will be a viable substitute for film in mobile film labs around the world.

HPX-PRO leverages proven imaging technology from the HPX-1 CR system.

HPX-PRO’s compact design makes it extremely easy to move and its ability to run on a variety of power sources including battery allow customers the ultimate work flexibility.

HPX-PRO uses Carestream NDT’s proven Industrex software at its core with a simplified user interface designed for easy configuration and high throughput. It can be connected to existing Industrex modules to extend the customers productivity even more.