LECTROMAX 150 Series of portable coil magnetiser-demagnetisers are available in 3 throat
sizes, 250mm, 300mm, and 350mm internal diameter.

Typical application is for the detection of radial or circumferential surface or near surface defects in general engineering ferrous components, including pipes, axles and transverse defects in fork lift tines etc.
In addition, coil can be used as an effective demagnetiser.

An optional accessory converts the coil AC Field to pulsed DC for greater penetration. A switch
allows selection of AC or PDC.

A footswitch, fitted with a 2 metre long cable, is supplied to enable hands free operation.
A pilot light indicates when the coil is energised.

Version -FB The benchtop version

-FB, is fabricated with stainless steel inner and outer covers. Fitted with Option 01 Bench Mounting Brackets as standard.
Version -FG

To minimise weight for field use, the coils are encapsulated in oil proof high temperature, wear resistant fibre glass, with an IP65 protection rating. The weight of the coil is reduced by up to 10 Kg.
Operation is from a nominal 240V 50Hz supply and each coil draws approx 10 amperes.
A 4 metre long cable with fitted 3 pin plug is supplied

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