Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TB-R

Bench analog hardness tester is designed for hardness testing of products made of metals or alloys in the laboratories. The device is also used for manufacturing of calibration test blocks for portable hardness testers.

Rockwell hardness tester TB-R is reliable, also it is very easy in use and servicing. The Rockwell metal hardness testing method is based on the testing samples of resistance to indentation.
The mechanical bench hardness tester can be used for hardness testing of products made of various kinds of steels, such as cast iron, tempered cast iron and all sorts of alloys.

Rockwell hardness tester TB-R is a stationary type of hardness testers on a rigid rack. Rockwell hardness tester TB-R allows user to measure the hardness value by three hardness scales (HRA, HRB, HRC) with loads of 60, 100 and 150 kgf. The device has a diamond tip as a cone with 120 degrees of the cone apex angle and the bead size of 1/16 inch (1.5875 mm).
Rockwell hardness tester TB-R is equipped with tables which are used for different types of the objects. It supplies with large and small flat tables, and V-shape anvil. In addition, Rockwell hardness tester TB-R also is equipped with three Rockwell hardness standard blocks for calibration of the tester.

  • High measurement accuracy

  • Wide range of measurements

  • Device is very usability and reliability, through the using high quality materials in the manufacturing

  • Significant advantages from other methods of hardness testing of tempered steels

  • Device allows user to test steel samples after various heat treatments

  • Device allows varification tests blocks for calibration of portable hardness tester

The range of measurements can be varied from 20 HR to 100 HR (it is depending of scale). The design features of the device allows user to tests objects with dimensions up to 17 cm by vertically and up to 13.5 cm by horizontally.


Preload                                                       98,1N (10kg)

Testing load                                                588,4N (60kg), 980,7N (100kg), 1471N (150kg)

Rockwell scale                                            20-88 HRA , 20-100 HRB,  20-90 HRC

Standards                                                   ISO 6508-2, ASTM E18

Maximum height of test sample                 170 mm

Maximum depth of test sample                  165 mm

Instrument dimensions                               520*240*700

Net weight                                                  45 kg

Gross weight                                               65 kg

Standard Package
  • Bench hardness tester

  • Conical diamond indenter (by 120 °)

  • Big flat table

  • Small flat table

  • V-shaped table

  • Rockwell hardness test blocks (3 pcs.)

  • Operating manual

Available Options 
  • Conical diamond indenter

  • Rockwell hardness test blocks