This model has 800 x 480 resolution video recording, a 7" LCD screen and incorporates the Live View™softare. It also features an adjustable LED light, digital zoom for quality images and is excellent for accurate inspections in difficult to reach spaces.


Video Output 
Live View Images can be displayed directly to a big TV screen by video cable Connection.

Support " PAL " / " NTSC " video system.


Large 7" TFT LCD Display 
Embedded with 7" TFT LCD Monitor provides superior image quality.

USB Connection 

JK Series is capable to transfer information to your PC 
No special required to playback the JPG and mp4 files

Screen Image Rotation 
Features image rotation allowing the user to turn image into four directions 
90°, 180°, 270° and 360°. 

Mirror Image 
Support mirror image to correct the direction of the probe.

360° Articulation VGA Probe

Articulation Shaft Lock
Light Source
Articulation Angle
Probe Head Length
Probe Head Diameter
Working Temperature

Left - open / Right - lock
Boost / Rotate / Particle Free
10 mm ~ 100 mm
Front / Side
Full ways ≥ 110°
Φ6.0mm (W/O Lock Ring)
-10°C ~ 60°C
10°C ~ 60°C
VGA (640 x 480)

Probe Options:

Φ4.5mm / Φ6.0mm Short Tip Articulation Probes
Φ4.9mm, Dual-camera Probe with Quick Switch of Front and Side-View
Φ3.9mm, probe with forward view or side view for option
Φ4.9mm, Quick Switch Probe- Forward/Side View
Φ6.0mm, 2 Way Articulating
Φ5.4mm, Near View

Holding Tube for 5/6mm Probes:

Locator & Transmitter for Φ28mm Camera

Standard Kit

Main Console System
Carry Case
8 G SD Card
12 Month Warranty
Live Software
USB Cable