Inspection :

The part is subjected to an intense magnetic flux, which is deviated by the presence of a defect. This escape attracts the particles of the product and the defects now are clearly visible as fluorescent or black lines.
Composition :

FLUXO 7: quick drying white paint, which is designed specifically for use in the colour contrast method of magnetic particle inspection. FLUXO 7 provides a dense white background against which black or red indications of defects can be seen readily. FLUXO 7 is ideal for use with either oil based FLUXO 3 or water based magnetic inks FLUXO 215.

Use :

This Magnetic particle examination is used for the detection of emerging defects in all ferromagnetic materials. Applicability: Aeronautics, Automobile, Railway, etc...

Components are magnetised and FLUXO 3 is applied to the test area, normally by spraying immediately prior to and during magnetisation. Application of FLUXO 3 should cease before the magnetisation is switched off. Defects will show up as well defined black indications and inspection should take place in good white light of at least 500 lux.

It is not practical to use FLUXO 3 on dark coloured substrates as it would be difficult for the inspector to identify indications against the dark background. For this reason, FLUXO 7 is frequently used to provide a contrasting white background against the black indications thereby enabling the inspector see and interpret indications more easily.
(Alternatively, fluorescent fluids such as FLUXO 6 may be used, but this requires the availability of a UV Light)

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