X-Ray Film Processors

At GTECH NDT we represent manufacturers of the finest quality and technically advanced processing equipment for all Industrial X-Ray applications and budgets 

COLENTA Industrial X-Ray Film Processor:

INDX 900e

For processing all type of industrial NDT X-Ray films: 

# max. processing width 35cm 
# processing speed min. 35sec up to 150 sec Dev time

AFP Imaging Mini-NDT™


  • Space saving design, table top operation

  • Top front exit maximizes use of space

  • Simplified operation with one switch activation

  • Economical operation with cold water hookup

  • Built-in automatic replenishment system maintains optimum chemical activity

  • Automatic standby conserves energy and minimizes mechanical wear and water consumption


Special application in the industrial field
The OPTIMAX® 2010 NDT is an x-ray film processor especially optimized for the development of industrial films. By applying appropriate films and chemicals designated for industrial applications, it ensures size independent optimum image quality.

  • Outstanding quality including all accessories

  • High product reliability is given due to the fact that we only install components of excellent quality in our machines combined with the one-piece base. Of course, all of our x-ray processors are supplied with a complete set of accessories, such as e.g. light protection cover, replenishment containers and connecting hoses.

  • Best images and high economic efficiency


The INDX 43 2.0b is the new addition to the Colenta INDX family providing higher productivity and greater flexibility over the earlier 37 2.0b model and with the minimum increase in cost

A fully automatic medium range film processor designed for free standing or through-wall  darkroom loading incorporating a warm air, flat path dryer with an inbuilt

internal air flow / exhaust to ensure efficient drying and good operating conditions. 


Standard Features and accessories:
- Low Level monitoring of all Tank solutions.
- Automatic Solution Tank 
- Rep storage tanks

For processing of all type of industrial X-Ray films:
TYPE INDX 43/5MW - max. processing width 43cm
with 31cm/min at 8min DRY to DRY

INDX-model processors have 9 programmable processing channels, an intermediate rinse bath rack system,feed in table, hose/tube connection (100 mm dia.) facility for ventilation of the processors wetsection to an external exhaust fan and supplied with 2 x 30 lt replenishment storage tanks