RH1000/RH1000C Online Data Collection Station

Product details


Wide temperature range, low consumption and high reliability

-40~70°C working temperature range, industrial ARM chip with low consumption and heat emission, no hard disk, fan or other wearing parts.


Open type and good Scalability

Communication types support Ethernet, Optical fiber, CAN, 485 and so on; vibration channels are compatible with voltage and current signal; tacho channels are compatible with photoelectric sensor, eddy current sensor and hall sensor.


Full Synchronous Measurement

Effective for comparative analysis, maximally measure synchronously in 16 channels.


High analysis frequency with long time waveform measurement

All channels support 4M long time waveform measurement, which is much effective for measuring machine in low speed to get data in complete failure period.


Full Sampling patent technology

24 Hours continuously measurement, detect machine failure in the early stage, optimize data storage.


Self-Diagnosis and Remote Operation

Monitor working status of all sensors in different channels by bois voltage; remote upgrade and reboot are available.