Krautkramer USK-7S

$ 1750.00 reduced !!!

The USK-7  has a well earned reputation for ruggedness and reliability.

This is a very popular instrument for field weld inspection and other basic flaw detection applications.

This instrument is in like-new condition and complete with Sun Hood , Graticule Temple (Removable) and Soft case

Completely checked out by our service department and offered with current calibration.

Package includes : 

V1 25mm Calibration Block 
V2 25mm 1.5mm SDH Calibration Block


Zero Degree : 

KK CD 10 x  2 

WK CD 20 x 1 

Phoenix 10mm

DA 301 


2 x 45 Degree MWB

2 x 60 Degree MWB

2 x 70 Degree MWB 

Paired - Lemo to micro dot - (CD10)
Paired - Lemo to mini lemo (DA301)

3x Single Lemo to mini lemo