The LECTROMAX 3000-03 is a low cost bench mounted unit ideal for prototype or batch testing of a wide variety of ferrous components for defects by the magnetic particle method.

The LECTROMAX 3000-03 combines in one compact unit, a complete self-contained magnetic particle inspection system, offering similar basic functions as a large machine.

The LECTROMAX 3000-03 is also most suitable for use in training courses demonstrating the basic principles of carrying out HEAD shots to generate circular magnetic fields and COIL shots for longitudinal fields, as well as central conductor techniques and demagnetising methods.

The LECTROMAX 3000-03 is readily transported and plugs into a 240V 50Hz power outlet.

A range of optional accessories is available to extend the versatility of operation, including HWDC magnetising current.

The unit accepts parts up to 500mm long x 135mm diameter and a maximum weight of 15kgs.

Complies with the following International Standards:- ASTM-E1444-05, MIL-M-6867C, MIL-STD-1949, BS6072, AS1171, AS3126, and AS3100 for electrical safety.
The LECTROMAX 3000-03 is one of a wide range of magnetic particle inspection equipment manufactured by in AUSTRALIA.


  • 2000 amp peak AC magnetising current. (Optional HWDC output in addition to AC).

  • 140mm I.D. 4.5 turn coil assembly, producing 8000 peak ampere turns. Supplied as an assembly to clamp between the contact heads.

  • Accepts parts up to 500mm long, 135mm diameter and 15kg in weight.

  • Quick traversing manually operated head contact system.

  • Infinitely variable current control enabling setting of any desired  Magnetising current value up to the rated maximum.

  • Electronic timer automatically controls the period ofthe magnetising current.

  • Electronic demagnetising facility

Australian manufacture backed by over 30 years
experience in magnetic particle inspection equipment.

  • Reliable electronic control system.

  • Stainless Steel Tank

  • Compact size. Transportable.

  • Machine footprint approx – 750mm L x 400mm W.

  • Weight approximately 60kgs.

  • Operates from a 240V 50Hz 15 amp power point.

  • Electronic Current & Thermal overload protection.