The LECTROMAX 5000 is an extremely versatile, high quality magnetic particle crack detection system, offering excellent performance and reliability.

It is designed specifically to meet the exacting demands for quality control during production and maintenance in the aerospace and aeronautical industries.

In addition to conforming to the general standards for the testing of critical components with magnetising peak currents up to 5000 amps peak AC, plus halfwave DC, the LECTROMAX 5000 complies with MIL-M-6867C, ASTM E1444-05, BS6072, AS1171, and Australian Electrical Safety Standard AS3100.

The LECTROMAX 5000 includes the following features:-

  •  High reliability electronic system, with plug in modules and supported by a 2 year warranty.


  • Advanced & accurate dual digital ammeter system with a programmed microprocessor for accuracy       and tracking. The required current can be preselected and displayed on one ammeter and when a magnetising shot is initiated, the actual current is displayed on the second ammeterand held on display for approx. 5 seconds for ease of verification.

  • Magnetising shots are verified by an Illuminated indicator.

  • In addition to decaying AC demagnetisation, special circuitry enables the most difficult part to be demagnetised by residual field cancellation.

  • High quality and rugged construction with stainless steel catchment tank and fluid reservoir.

  • A comprehensive range of options and accessories are available to extend the versatility of the system to suit virtually any testing requirement, including capacities to accept parts up to 3000mmlong and 500kg in weight, and 6000 amp and 7000 amp power pack upgrades.

  • The system can be further customised to meet particular requirements..