The MAGMASTER 2000 is an economically priced compact unit ideal for volume production or batch testing of a wide variety of ferrous components for fatigue or processing defects by the magnetic  particle method

Nuts, bolts, pins, shafts, con rods, gears, camshafts etc. can be quickly and thoroughly tested.

Complies with International standards for magnetic particle inspection -

ASTM E1444,  AS1171,  BS6072 and Electrical Safety Standard AS3100.

A range of optional accessories is available to extend the versatility of the machine's  operation, including HWDC magnetising current for the detection of slightly subsurface defects.


  • Two axis magnetising.

  • Current through part to check for longitudinal or lengthwise cracks, and coil magnetising to check for radial or transverse cracks.

  • 2000 amp AC peak magnetising current. Optional halfwave DC current.

  • Accepts parts up to 1350mm long and 50kg in weight.

  • 250mm internal diameter traversing coil, producing up to 5000 peak ampere turns.

  • Continuously variable current control enabling setting  of any required magnetising current value up to the rated maximum.

  • Automatic press button electronic AC demagnetising.

  • Electronic timer automatically controls the period of the magnetising current.

  • Digital Ammeter accurately indicates the magnetising current. Holds reading on display for 4 seconds and auto  resets.

  • The left-hand head is fitted with an air operated  contact face initiated by a fixed foot switch and provides a high pressure end clamping action for positive electrical contact. An air regulator and gauge are fitted to control the clamping pressure. The foot switch allows hands free operation

  • Head contact faces fitted with resilient multilayer copper gauze pads.

  • Vee blocks supplied to support and facilitate rotation of cylindrical parts.a

  • Integrated 20 litre inspection fluid storage system with efficient particle agitation and recirculation system, suitable for oil or water based inspection fluids, c/w fluid applicator.

  • Supplied with 20 litres high quality fluorescent inspection fluid.

  • Operates from a nominal 240V 50Hz single phase supply.  Maximum demand is 18 amps.







  • Australian manufacture backed by over 30 years experience in magnetic particle inspection equipment.

  • High quality design and construction.

  • Stainless steel tank.

  • Reliable plug in electronic control system.

  • 5 year warranty on the magnetising transformer.

  • Operator efficiency enhanced by ease of operation, e.g. electronic changeover fromHEAD to COIL and AC to DC modes.

  • Illuminated display at eye level for easy and efficient monitoring of current levels and mode conditions even in subdued ambient light conditions.