The MAGMASTER 3000 is specially designed as a low cost high performance crack detector, for automotive engine reconditioning.

All petrol engine and small diesel crankshafts, camshafts, heads, axles etc. can be quickly and thoroughly checked.
The MAGMASTER 3000 is ideal for the smaller workshop requiring a quality crack detector with the minimum of capital outlay.

In addition, the MAGMASTER 3000 has many applications in general industry requiring a low cost
efficient crack detector.

The unit is extremely easy to use and requires no special skills to obtain excellent results. Unique swivel mounted magnetising coil allows rotation 45° in either direction, total 90° rotation, to detect cracks running in any direction, lengthwise or radial.



  • Accepts parts up to 1370mm (54") long, weighing up to 100kgs (225lbs.).

  • Longer parts can be tested in sections.

  • igh intensity magnetising coil produces up to 10,000 AC peak ampere turns.

  • Magnetising coil is sealed and insulated in an impact resistant oil proof enclosure.

  • 350mm (14") I.D. traversing coil can be parked at left, clear of supports, to allow easy loading of part from the front or overhead.

  • Simplified electronic control provides a selection of high or low magnetising intensities to suit any application.

  • Magnetising shots are electronically timed, for consistent results.

  • Automatic push button AC demagnetising facility.

      • High quality construction for long service life. Stainless steel tank.

      • Australian manufacture backed by over 30 years experience in magnetic particle inspection equipment.

      • Reliable electronic control system, with two year warranty.

      • Unique swivel mounted coil eliminates necessity of additional magnetising process of passing current through part.

      • Plug in electronic module for quick changeover and minimum downtime.

      • All electrical controls to IP56 rating.

      • Operator efficiency and work throughput enhanced by ease of operation