PHASCAN Portable Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector

Phascan 32 128PR

Phascan Portable Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector is a high-level phased array inspection instrument which was developed by Doppler for general-purpose and superior performance.

High Performance

• 32/128 pulser/receiver channels for phased array inspection , with independent channels for high-Performance single channel UT function

• Negative square-wave emission, with resolution up to 2.5n5

• PRF up to 20KHz

• With bandwidth of 0.5-15MHz, it is compatible with most phased array probes .
Multipurpose for One Machine
• In addition to phased array function, the Phascan also has two pairs of independent channels to support normal
A-Scan testing
• It can also achieve simultaneous inspection of phased array and TOFD, as a true multifunctional detecto r
Simultaneous Inspection of TOFD &PA
More Accurate on Measurement Result

• Delay and sensitivity calibration can be performed on each beam, with more accu rate measurement results .

Perfect Data Processing Ability
• Real-time data acquisition, online and offline data analysis
• Up to 1024 focal laws , meet the high-speed scanning rate & avoid data loss
• SD card or external USB device selectable for data storage
• Test report can be generated directly in the instrument or offline on compute r generated your own

• Dual independent channels for TOFD inspection, parameters can be set independentY for each channel.

• Dual - PA & TOFD with two different settings, which greatly increase scanning coverage rate and avoid data loss effectively.

Phascan 32 128

Portable Accurate PhasedArray Ultrasonic Solutions- Typical Oil & Gas Inspection Applications Storage Tanks I Nozzles and Flanges I Welds I Heavy-wall Pressure Vessels

Multi-group Inspection to Decrease Downtime
• As an advanced solution, phased array can detect more areas than traditional instruments. In addition to the
above advantages, Phascan can also set up multiple groups working at the same time, covering large detection
areas and accelerating the detection speed.
• A, B, C and S scans can be displayed individually or together. Multi-Color scheme options are available for A-scans, to get more detailed & clear images , easy to analyse & read the flaw echos

Greater Productivity

Based on the Industrial Welding Standard, at least three angles for weld testing are needed in normal testing
way. Phascan can support up to 128 element probes, each excitation supports up to 32 elements. Operators are
able to achieve multi-angle of large-area scanning without changing probes or wedges, which greatly improve the
efficiency of flaw detection.

Phascan Data Analysis and Reporting with Drawscan

Drawscan is the perfect PC-based software companion to the Phascan instruments, and seamlessly imports Phascan files for advanced processing and analysis in Drawscan.
• Defect readings can be added into indication table database, and also add comments to every defect indicator.

Phascan 32 64

Matching a Variety of Frequency Phased Array Probes to Solve Complicated Problems of Aerospace Testing

Convenient and Practical Solutions
• Phascan weights a mere 4.5kg, it is an extremely convenient and flexible tool ideally suited for site inspection. In
addition, the Phascan with multi-channels which means you can switch between phased array and two
conventional channels.

• Phascan instrument, with bandwidth of O.5-15MHz, can match most of the phased array probes as well as the
high-frequency ones to solve complex inspection problem in aerospace. Doppler independently developed and
produced a series of high-performance phased array probes can better match Phascan to complete difficult
inspection problems.

Save Inspection Time
• In railway system and automotive industry, the high efficiency of flaw inspect ion is required. The Phascan with
PRF up to 20KHz and maximum focal laws up to 1024, can meet the needs of high-speed testing without data ioss,
and greatly reduce inspection time. Due to its portability, it is suitable for long distance inspection too , therefore
Phascan is a prerequisite inspection tool for transportation industry.

Phascan 16 64

Support Standards and International Specifications

Long Battery Life Operation for Long Distance
• Bridge, rail or wheel flaw inspection is often in areas far from mains electricity supply. The Phascan has a long 6hour battery life which is very favorable for long-distance inspection.

• Each beam in the focal laws can be calibrated and meets the relevant standa rds and specifications of the
conventional channel, which makes the measurement results more accurate and authoritative


• Calibrates the velocity wedge delayl sensitivity etc. to improve detect accuracy.
• Ensure each focal law to be used as a single-channel conventional flaw detector.
• Step-by-step guidance through Velocity, Wedge Delay, Sensitivity and TCG calibrations.
• Simple, easy-to-use interface that enables all focal laws to be visualized simultaneously for a particular calibration task.
• Interactive help menu with detailed graphics and definitions, which is available in each step of Wizard.

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