RT Film Digitize Solution

A simple guide of our services & benefits

The NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer meets all of the exacting industry standards including ISO 14096 Class DS and ASME Section V.

PACSESS specializes in: • Digitizing radiographic film • NDT designed Software with full DICONDE functions • European Authorized VIDAR SYSTEMS Maintenance Center

Digitizing Industrial Film Advantages

1. Eliminate film preservation cost. Save existing/future costs 2. Digital RT images .Enhanced inspection/evaluation 3. Rapid visibility & reports . Save time, money, personnel 4. Digital artifacts .Never lose image quality 5. Faster, easier. Evaluations & decisions 6. Silver rebates . Generate existing asset revenue 7. Data integrity. Permanent accuracy for auditing 8. Digital archive. Forever available for primary/disaster recovery 9. Image enhancement . B/C adjustments for dark films


Scan Speed for 14´´ x 17´´ Film NOMINAL RESOLUTION DPI LINE PAIRS /mm SCAN SPEED 4K x 5K 300 6 55,6 sec 8K x 10K 570 11 105,6 sec

• HD-CCD solid-state technology (0.5 to 4.5 OD) • Digitizes up to 25 mixed-sized films in batch mode

Multi Strip Film Feeder • Scans up to five filmstrips simultaneously per pass • Multiplies a project’s productivity up to five times (5x) • Reduces transition time dramatically • Customization of the number and slot width is available upon request

Technical Data • Dimensions: 5 slots x 6 cm x 48 cm or 3 slots x 10 cm x 48 cm • Weight: 1.8 kg

AcuScreenNDT PRO Software DICONDE - image sharing 1. Digitally captured burn-throughs, cracks, porosities, off-sets, undercuts 2. Inspection Reports attached to and stored with digital images 3. Image Archiver tools: Create, Add, Delete, Retrieve, Export, Send 4. NDT software specifically designed for digitizing radiograpic film

AcuScreenNDT Exchange

• 100% Web-based: Secured Distribution of NDT Images and Reports • Cloud Storage Capabilities • DICONDE Fidelity: utilizes all advanced DICONDE features

PACSESS Workstation

Complete viewing and digital archiving solution for industrial film High capacity data storage Our powerful hardware will provide you with enough disk space for huge data volumes and will satisfy your storage needs for years of intensive dataflow.

DICONDE - Compliant Display We outfit our workstations with high-resolution radiographic monitors. They deliver the lost consistent image quality one can wish for.


For FULL length AcuscreenNDT Pro Film digitizing solution product presentation on Youtube:

Why Digitise ?

Unlike other digitizer solutions there the NDT Pro does not require time-consuming manual calibrations or settings. This saves time, optimizes your workflow and your costs.

VIDAR NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer is specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of the non-destructive test market. It addresses the unique needs of aerospace, petrochemical and other industrial testing with a lower-cost alternative to the expensive laser scanners currently used throughout the industry.

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