RH 1000 Online Monitoring System

RH1000 online monitoring system is specially designed for the non-stable-status operating features in wind turbines, steel industry and so on, adopting patent measurement technology to fully monitor key machines. It includes three parts: sensors, data processing and remote diagnosis.



Accelerometers are installed on bearing seat and other positions with obviously vibration, to measure machine vibration in real time and then transmit them through signal cable.


Data Processing

Online data collection station makes data processing, and then transmits them to the server through intranet. 

In the server, data backup program and intelligent analysis program filter out abnormal data accurately.


Remote Diagnosis

Transmit data through Internet to diagnose remotely. Diagnostic software provides B/S and C/S framework for two kinds of clients in the same enterprise.
B/S framework is WEB based management system; this part will display all machine condition and analysis conclusions.
C/S framework is application program installed in the server; this part is used to make professional diagnosis by vibration analysts.

Note: RONDS Sway monitoring system is optional for wind turbines besides the vibration monitoring to its main driven parts, which is used to measure ultralow frequency vibration of its tower and cabin, to fully protect its operation.