”You have consistently demonstrated to me over the past three years that you are the “Right Choice” & possess the critical characteristics I consider will assist you in achieving supplier excellence. You understand that as a supplier it is imperative to partner with your customers, adopting a one team attitude is the winning formula in sustaining long term growth and customer relationships.


Thank you for your focus and support & I look forward to working with you throughout 2017."


"While being very professional and always focusing on customer satisfaction, Gert has the ability to make business meetings fun, which is sometimes not easy in NDT business. Gert most strengths is definitely the trust he gets from his customers and the determination he has to keep them satisfied. 


Together with Gert we have built a strong brand image of GTECH and TELEDYNE ICM in Australia and I would recommend him to anyone looking for NDT supplies down there."

Martin Raets from EverZinc