Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

ACCUR 1 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


  • Through coating function (only UM-1D and UM-2D).

  • Modifying systematical errors by using the 4mm standard block on the instrument.

  • Data logger:Up to 500 readings can be divided into 5 different material files . 

  • Thickness restriction alarm

  • Minimum value scanning (MIN Capture mode): catch the minimum value during the measurement.

  • 2-point calibration: Curve surface measurement or other special application with a high precision.

  • Supporting thickness units of mm and inch.

  • The calibration value can be stored automatically without loss after turning off the gauge.

  • Low voltage warning function.

  • Backlight: Bring convenience to night working.

  • Delete: The skeptical data in the file or the whole file can be deleted, so that new data can be stored.

  • Automatic shut off: Five minutes without operating.

  • Language: English and Chinese.

  • Coupling state identification: The stability of coupling can be aware by the coupling mark.


Probe Zero Adjustment:  Selectable: 1-point calibration: normal measurement

2-point calibration: curve surface measurement or other special application with a high precision

V-Path Correction: Automatic Measuring Range on

Standard Mode: 0.8mm~300mm;

For details see attached table 3: probes and measure range.

Measuring Range on Coating Mode (only UM-1D& UM-2D):

3mm~18mm (Use standard probe)

Measuring Limits of Tube (Steel): Φ20mm×3.0mm(PT-08 probe) Φ15mm×2.0mm(PT-06 probe)

The measuring error is up to ±0.1mm

Display Resolution: UM-1 and UM-1D: 0.1mm

UM-2 and UM-2D: H﹤100.0mm: 0.01/0.1mm selectable

                              H≧100.0mm: 0.1mm

Units: Selectable: inch or mm

Display: 128×64 dot-matrix LCD screen (42mm×57mm)

Digit height: 13.75mm

Measurement Update rate: 4 Hz

Material Velocity Range: 1000 ~ 9999 m/s

Power: Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

Warning with low battery voltage

Operating Time: Up to 200 hours (without backlight) with alkaline batteries, depending on operating mode

Auto Shut-Off: After 5 minutes of non-use

Operating Temperature: -10℃~60℃

Size: 149mm×73mm×32mm (H×W×D)

Weight: 160g (no include batteries)

Data Logger Capacity: Up to 500 readings can be divided into 5 files (user-selectable)

Operating Language: English and Chinese

Measuring Error: UM-1 and UM-1D:

Low limit to 10mm: ±0.1mm 10mm to high limit: ± (1%H+0.1) mm

UM-2 and UM-2D: Low limit to 10mm: ±0.05mm ,10mm to high limit: ± (0.5%H+0.01) mm

Accuracy : UM-1 and UM-1D: ±0.1mm  , UM-2 and UM-2D: ±0.05mm

Accur-3 UT Thickness Gauge


ACCUR-3 is a simple to use, hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for high precision, high resolution and ultra fine thickness measurement. It uses the most advanced microprocessor and ultrasonic technology to offer users many outstanding features. It presents highly stable and repeatable reading, high accuracy and resolution (up to 0.001mm or 0.0001inch) and ability for measuring ultra thin sample (as low as 0.30mm or 0.012inch). It also offers a compact, comfortable and durable structure, ease of operation through the menu, multiple language selection, low power consumption (with two normal or rechargeable AA batteries).


Measuring range ( for Steels): Interface-Echo Mode (I-E or Standard Mode) 1.50mm-20.00mm

Echo-Echo Mode (E-E or high Precision Mode) 0.30mm-10.0mm (0.012 in -0.394 in).

Measuring Accuracy:

±0.005mm or 0.0002 inch(if thickness<3mm)

±0.05mm or 0.002 inch (if thickness<20mm)

● Display Resolution: mm:0.1,0.01,or 0.001 ,  inch:0.01,0.001,or 0.0001

● Display Units: Imperial and Metric

● Sound Velocity range:1000 to 9999 m/s (0.0394-0.3936 inch/ms)

● Measuring Refresh Frequency:4Hz in normal mode, up to 25Hz.

● Memory capacity: Store up to 500 test values

● Display LCD:42X 57mm LCD size with EI backlight and adjustable contrast, font size up to 13.75mm(0.54inch)

● Calibration Method: One Point or Two Points.

● Probe contact indicator

● Low battery indicator

● Power Source: Two 1.5V AA Batteries

● Battery Life:200 hours

● Power off: Auto power off if idle for 4 minutes

● Operating Temperature:-10℃ to +50℃(may go as low as -20℃ with pre-request).

● Unit Size: 2.9 ×5.9 ×1.26 inches (73 × 149H× 32 mm).

● Weight:200

Accur-5 UT Thickness Gauge


ACCUR-5 ultrasonic thickness gauge made by our factory with OLED true color, built-in A-SCAN snapshot, great capacity data storage and through coating thickness function is a kind of high precision, new-type, and portable industrial nondestructive testing instruments according to ultrasonic measuring principle.


As the essential NDT instrument, ACCUR-5 can be widely applied in the detecting fields like manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry, commodity inspection industry and so on. It can not only measures various kinds of panels and processing components precisely, but also monitor the thickness minus of tubes and pressure vessels in the manufacturing instruments after corrosion. 


All models of this ACCUR-5's gauges are standard with A-scan snapshot; it can help users better control measurement and avoid the inaccurate measurement value caused by the factor of material itself. And ACCUR-5 with great capacity data storage function can save a total of 100,000 sets of data, and can be output to the personal computer via USB to archive and data analysis. ACCUR-5 has through coating function: when there is coating layer on the surface of the object, the net thickness of the material can be directly measured without removal of the coating layer.


  • Operating principle: pulse echo with dual element transducer

  • Measuring range 0.60mm to 508mm(0.025'' to 20.00'') depending on probe, material and surface condition

  • Measuring resolution : selectable 0,01mm, 0.1mm unitsselectable:inch or mm

  • Display2.4'' color OLED,320*240 pixels, contrast 10000:1

  • Updata rate selectable 4HZ, 8HZ, 16HZ

  • Material velocity range 500 TO 9999m/s

  • Power two 1.5vAA batteries

  • Operating time approximately 40 hours auto shut-off selectable

  • Operating temperature-10 to 50(specification to -20 on request)

  • Size 153mm*76mm*37mm

  • Weight 280g including batteries

  • Data logger capacity 400 file, 100000 readings

  • Operating language selectable English, Chinese, Japanese, French

  • Application software unview PC software

  • Interfaces USB 2.0 port

  • Display mode normal, minimum/maximum capture,DIFF/RR%

  • V-path correction automatic ,  alarm settings minimum and maximum alarms. range of 0.25mm to 508mm,dynamic waveform color change on alarm

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