Welding Gauges

Misalignment Hi-Lo Gauge

The Hi-Lo Welding Gauge is a multipurpose and versatile gauge. As with many of our gauges, both Inch & Metric units of measurement are available directly on the gauge for dimensional verification.

With the Hi-Lo Gauge, you can measure:

* Internal misalignment after fit up
* Material thickness after fit up

Weld Profile Gauge (Steel Pin)

A Welding profile gauge or contour gauge is a tool for recording the cross-sectional shape of a surface, welding bead width, welding profile test and welding groove.

Welding contour gauges consist of a set of steel pins that are set tightly against one another in a frame which keeps them in the same plane and parallel while allowing them to move independently, perpendicularly to the frame. When pressed against an object, the pins conform to the object. The weld contour gauge can then be used to draw the profile or to copy it on to another surface


  • Heavy gauge steel frame with metal pins.

  • Pins are designed not to be removed.

  • Marking gradations on the body.

  • For angle or extension use.

  • Two tools can be joined together with enclosed connecting plate

  • Suitable for inspection of welding, flooring, tiling, woodworking and plumbing

Cambridge Weld Gauge

GAL Gage Co - USA manufacture- Welding Gauge is made of stainless steel and sturdy to measure undercut depth or crown height scale can be read to 1/32 inch

The following measurements are possible either in inches or millimetres.

  • Angle of preparation, 0° to 60°

  • Excess weld metal (capping size)

  • Depth of undercut

  • Depth of pitting

  • Fillet weld throat size

  • Fillet weld length

  • Misalignment (high-low)

  • General linear measurements up to 60 mm or 2 inches.

  • Bridge Cam Gauge / TWI Welding Gauge / Cambridge Gauge / Universal Welding Gauges

  • Supplied in a case with instructions

Pipe Pit Gauge

The Pipe Pit Gauge allows you to measure damage, pitting or corrosion under insulation.

During incoming inspection of material, you may notice some damage to material, or you maybe inspecting inservice plant and equipment that has some form of corrosion such as corrosion under insulation. To allow accept or reject criteria you need to measure the damage, pitting or corrosion. This Pipe pit gauge allows you to do this accurately.

The pipe pit gauge can measure from 0mm to 12mm in depth in 0.25mm increments. The measure arm can be locked into any position during measurement so you can precisely read off the depth dimension. Constructed from robust, corrosion resistant stainless steel this gauge is suitable for shop and field us

GAL Briefcase Welding Inspectors Tool Kit

GAL Briefcase Welding Inspectors Tool Kit including:

V-WAC Gage*

Fillet Weld


Bridge Cam

Single Purpose*

6" Starrett Scale*

Telescoping Mirror Micrometer w/ Ball*

Hi-Lo Gage

Skew-T Fillet Weld w/ Calc AWS

Type Gauge*

ADJ Fillet Weld*


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